Canadiens vs. Blues Top Six Minutes: A strong start undone by a lack of finish

Habs were on fire to start the game, not allowing a single shot until the last minutes of the first period, but the Blues took control of the game from there.

First Period

  • Mete accelerating wide, driving in the offensive zone to get a shot on net; one of the few constantly encouraging sights of the season.
  • Galchenyuk LOVES between-the-legs passes on the powerplay...maybe a little too much.
  • Lehkonen is incurably cursed.
  • It feels good for the Habs not to be on the receiving side of some booing for once. Blues have yet to record a shot. /

Second period

  • There's too much space between Blues forwards and the Habs line of defence. 1-0 Blues./
  • At least the Habs are trying to battle back. A few really good chances for them, just need to bury those.
  • I have a weird déjà vu feeling. /

Third Period

  • Textbook example of shooting for rebounds. 2-0 Blues.
  • Victor Mete is what Claude Julien thinks Joe Morrow can be.
  • Byron hits the boards hard; dangerous and useless hit from Parayko. The forward's play has been one of the bright spot in this last stretch of games for the Habs. Let's hope this is not a long term loss.
  • Horrible execution from Pacioretty. 3-0 Blues.
  • A great effort from Gallagher (who else). Charles Hudon scores his seventh. 3-1 Blues. /

Highlight of the night

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