Canadiens vs. Blues Top Six Minutes: Sweeping the champs

The Habs end their season series with the Blues on a winning note.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


Mattias Norlinder scored his sixth goal of the season, I am watching that on repeat until this game starts...

Okay, the Blues sweater is quite nice.

1st Period

  • Nice of Gallagher to make sure Price is awake.
  • Kotkaniemi draws a penalty so it’s time to grab something to drink, because watching our power play is not fun.
  • Wow, I must have jinxed the power play. If I only realised that five years ago. What a pretty goal!
  • ... and it’s 1-1 seconds after Montreal grabbed the lead.
  • Big hit by Tatar, who goes off for two minutes.
  • Price, with a big, big save!
  • Oh Lehkonen...
  • Suzuki with a steal, and the chance of the period for the Canadiens!/

2nd Period

  • What HAPPENED???! A GALLAGHER GOAL!!!! Jake Allen with a huge mistake, and that’s the weirdest goal Gallagher has ever scored.
  • Now let’s hold on for more than two seconds.
  • Kneeing on the new motorbike... hope them wheels are okay.
  • Cross ice passing, Kotkaniemi to Drouin and a 3-1 lead, and maybe, just maybe a working power play.
  • Price saves another bad play in our own zone.
  • Kotkaniemi has come to play, he probably thinks the blue and yellow is Sweden.
  • Price doesn’t chase windmills, he makes them! Don Quixote would be so mad.
  • The ENGINE with a goal! 4-1.
  • Carey Price, enough said.
  • Mr. Price saves from in close! What a save!
  • That was the second period all Canadiens fans wanted. /

3rd Period

  • Another power play to start the third period.
  • Montreal is practicing power plays today, another one coming up...
  • ... probably the worst of the night, still better than last years power plays.
  • Bit of a boring period.
  • Now Allen saves when Drouin has an open (more or less) net.
  • Carey Price with another big save to finish this game off!
  • Garbage goal.... against.
  • ... and one for the good guys, into the open net by the captain. /

EOTP 3 Stars

3) A bold strategy

2) How are you just going to just murder a backup goalie like that, Jonathan?

1) I guess we know what The JD Man will be doing next Saturday afternoon

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