Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Price perfect as Habs get third consecutive OT win

Montreal finally gets revenge on Columbus in an exciting 1-0 OT win.

First Period

  • 44 seconds and Nathan Beaulieu gives Scott Hartnell the business for slewfooting Carey Price. Hands off, man.
  • Arm up! Petry hits the ice, and the Habs generate very impressive offensive zone pressure with the extra attacker before Columbus touches the puck. Radulov proves once again he does not need to be on his feet to remain strong on the puck.
  • The Habs are playing with confidence tonight. Great passing on the powerplay, and a handful of scoring chances on the man advantage.
  • Brendan Gallagher, please score tonight.
  • Hannikainen goes right back to the box for a holding call on Nathan Beaulieu. Torts is not pleased.
  • This close. Alexander Radulov hacks the puck home, but the whistle was blown before the puck could trickle through over the line.
  • Four forwards on the powerplay? I won’t say no.
  • Unless, you know, nothing comes of it.
  • Tomas Plekanec cursing under his breath after his shot is tipped up and over the net.
  • Emelin called for holding. PK, please work.
  • They did it!
  • Gallagher! Almost! It’s gonna happen tonight!
  • Habs first and second lines do a fantastic job in the offensive zone, but we’re still at zeroes when the clock runs out./

Second Period

  • Habs part ways with David Desharnais in the intermission. Can’t say I ever thought this would happen.
  • Habs open the period with a healthy chunk of O-zone time. A couple wins does this team good.
  • Sergei Bobrovsky is really holding the fort for the Blue Jackets.
  • Radulov jumps in front of a Seth Jones hammer shot. This guy is a soldier.
  • The Lehkonen-Galchenyuk-Gallagher line is doing great things. Chucky came this close.
  • Blue Jackets record their post shot of the night. Have yet to record a shot on goal halfway through the second.
  • Artturi Lehkonen and Gallagher on the breakaway but #62 can’t bank it home!
  • Alexander Radulov is a magnificent beast.
  • WHERE WAS THE CALL? That’s absolutely ridiculous. (Carey Price comes up with a hell of a save seconds later)
  • Weber’s shot just killed Phillip Danault.
  • Radulov and Jenner exchange penalties as the buzzer goes. Score remains 0-0 through two periods./

Third Period

  • Jenner was penalized for slashing at the very end of the second period, so the Canadiens kick off the final frame on the powerplay!
  • More scuffles behind the net. More icing calls. Still zero-zero.
  • Pacioretty and Danault exchange chances in a chaotic series in front of the net, but come up empty-handed. Good to see that Danault is still alive after taking the Weber shot in the second, though.
  • With all these near misses, you’d have to think the Habs are going to score soon, right? Right?
  • Right?
  • A scuffle behind Bobrovsky, who tumbles (marginally hilariously) back into his net.
  • Okay, this is getting ridiculous.
  • Radulov takes an interference penalty on Zach Werenski with 7:09 to go. Stay strong, boys.
  • Pacioretty can’t knock the puck home off a Markov shot, and everyone goes down in a dog pile.
  • The captain’s face after Bobrovsky makes yet another save. The man is desperate and can’t believe their luck.
  • One minute to go. We’re still at zero.
  • Columbus ices the puck. Come on, now. Let’s do this.
  • Nope, we’re heading to OT./


  • Habs fail to win a single game in regulation in the month of February. That’s fun.
  • OH MY GOD. HOW DID THAT STAY OUT? Pacioretty with his 43975th chance of the evening.
  • Wait, what? It was in? Refs on the phone with Toronto now...
  • No goal! We keep playing.
  • Yes! Penalty to Seth Jones for holding Markov.
  • Johnson takes Pacioretty to the net as he tried to cut across the goal crease.
  • (Torts is not happy about it)/

EOTP 3 Stars

Third star: It was even better as a 2-0 game

Second star: I think that particular honour goes to the ref....

First star

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