Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Back-to-back wins in the West

Charlie Lindgren gets his first NHL shutout.

First Period

  • Just a minute - I have to catch up on all of this Duchene trade madness
  • OK - Go Habs Go!
  • Charlie Lindgren getting his first start against the Chicago Blackhawks and looking sharp early on
  • Jordie Benn and Shea Weber paired up tonight hoooo boy I don’t know about this
  • Aside from some silly penalties, Habs are looking decent, SOG 14-9 in favour of Chicago/

Second Period

  • Is anyone else yawning
  • I am liking Alex Galchenyuk and Jonathan Drouin together like, a lot
  • Victor Mete has had his ice time cut drastically this game and I do not approve
  • Can someone score a goal or what
  • End of the second, no score, SOG 28-18 in favour of Chicago/

He’s (Lindgren) giving us a chance to win tonight. - Alex Galchenyuk

Third Period

  • Ok yes Galchenyuk and Drouin stay together forever - it has been decided
  • Habs haven’t lost a step heading into the third period
  • Joe Morrow scores! His first goal and first point of the season
  • Seriously, I sound like a broken record but Galchenyuk is rejuvinated
  • I am finding myself asking the question ‘Is Andrew Shaw actually an ok player’ a lot this season
  • Phillip Danault blocks a shot and goes down...holding my breath
  • Empty net for Chicago...
  • Everyone is battling incredibly hard to keep this shutout on tap for Lindgren
  • And Lindgren gets his very first NHL shutout!/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. This calls for a celebration

2. The rookie was on his game tonight.

1. Long time no see, Mr. Neeson

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