Canadiens vs Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: Blue Line Disaster

They played well, but some disastrous misplays and a good game by Crawford halt the Habs.

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Beaulieu is out and Emelin is in. I may just riot. Not particularly happy with the whole Ott for McCarron situation, but I’m also writing the TSM on my balcony in a t-shirt while it snows in Montreal, so I’m not sure I’m allowed to complain.

Also, please let Andrew Shaw light the Hawks up...and not cause massive problems...

I’m so glad they’re honouring Les Canadiennes for the pregame ceremony!

First Period

  • Patch-Chucky-Radu. I like this. I like this a lot. And they looked good in their first shift against Toews.
  • Habs kind of looking good in general right now. This is weird. They look good against the Blackhawks. Let’s see how long this lasts.
  • WHY is Emelin out against Panerin and Kane?? Wait...he did a good. Emelin did a good. What is this world we live in.
  • Well, the Habs are certainly trying, and Shaw looks pretty goo....DAMN IT ANDREW.
  • Huh. That’s a pretty good looking penalty kill. Thank you, Carey. And also Jordie.
  • Oh lord, Emelin... Ew. Ew really? Was that necessary? Did it have to be him???
  • That was a nice shift from Lehkonen-Danault-Shaw!
  • I will hear Anisimov, Kane, and Panerin in my nightmares.
  • Get Shaw his goal.
  • Well. That’s one way to end the period.
  • Uh oh...I hope Anisimov is alright.../

Second Period

  • Hawks look much better to start this period.
  • One day Gallagher’s scoring will return from the war. One day.
  • Oh hey, the Habs’ power play actually looks like a power play. Even if it didn’t score.
  • I’m not used to the Habs playing this well against a team this good.
  • Well, that was definitely a case of Emelin having the right idea in the offensive zone.
  • OH HEY. A review went our way! Still 2-0.
  • The game is half way over, and there are two goals, and it feels like nothing has happened.
  • Oh god...Crawford took a Weber slap shot to the head. That’s not...that’s not good.
  • Oh my, Chucky! If that had gone in...
  • Do. Not. Touch. Lehk.
  • Emelin is having a terrible game in his own end, but a pretty good one in the offensive zone./

Third Period

  • Armstrong making a very good point about about concussion spotters during the intermission...
  • Well, that’s not how you want the third period to start....And it was Emelin AGAIN. Good lord.
  • This had better be the last time Beaulieu sits for Emelin.
  • A really, really, nice Habs’ cycle leads to a Weber BOMB.
  • We just need one more. Just one.
  • Markov-Benn, Petry-Davidson. Staple Emelin to the bench.
  • Lehkonen just went full beast mode. What a shift from the third line.
  • DAMN IT. Toews into the empty net. Uhhhhggggg.
  • And that’s the first time I noticed Jonathan Toews all night.
  • Andrei Markov has passed Maurice Richard for games played with Montreal, and is now sixth all time. All time. Just let that sink in.
  • I have never seen a case of one player who’s not the goalie losing a team a game.
  • You know that thing I said about rioting if Beau is ever scratched for Emelin again? That.
  • Habs fall 4-2 to the Blackhawks./

Habs Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

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