Montreal vs. Colorado Top Six Minutes: Avalanche Control

The Habs’ best game in months halts the the Avalanche's headlong rush.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period

  • Well, that was a much better/more hit-y first couple of shifts from the Habs than I was expecting.
  • Do not touch Chucky.
  • So this power play is half excellent, and half disaster....
  • Oh look, it's Long Beach native, Matt Nieto
  • I love Jeff Petry, that is all.
  • That was the penalty?
  • It's a very good thing that Carey Price is good with his blocker.
  • The Habs look...not bad tonight???
  • Huh. That was a surprisingly decent first period./

Second Period

  • Get. The. Puck. Out.
  • Schlemko turned around there, and I 100% thought he was Pateryn for a minute there.
  • That was a very nice penalty kill. #AlmostByron
  • How is Landesgod only 24. He's been in the league for decades.
  • DESI?? AGAIN?? That celly was amazing. He is this year's Dale Weise.
  • Don't push Gally!!! Go sit in the box and feel shame, Barberio.
  • That was a really nice shift from Chucky there.
  • Oh my Chucky. That was nice.
  • That was almost an absolutely amazing play by Byron. #AlmostByron
  • The Habs are doing a really good job retrieving pucks and getting their first. It's so nice to see.
  • I was not expecting the Habs to look this good tonight.
  • please play that well in the third too./

Third Period

  • Wow. If the Habs would play like this all the time, they'd be so. much. fun.
  • PATCH. Uhg. At least it drew a power play.
  • Why is Hudon down. Why is he slow to get up. Why do the hockey gods hate us.
  • Patch has been so close so many times this game.
  • Hudon is back, and the power play is still going. Everyone breathe.
  • JoDru! That was beautiful. That up-ice rush from Petry was flawless.
  • Of course it was NateMac. Also, that goal was 100% the announcers’ faults, seeing as they said shut out like four times a couple minutes ago.
  • SHOTS ARE 38-19???? Oh my goodness, who are these guys wearing red, and what have they done with the Habs? More importantly, can we KEEP them??
  • Jeff Petry. Seriously. What a game he’s had.
  • That was seriously icing on a very pretty cake.
  • Uuuhhhhhg you couldn't hold on for twelve more seconds??
  • Seriously though, that was a really great game. Fun, strong, sound on all ends.
  • HABS WIN 4-2!!!!/

Highlight of the Game

The goal was good, but the celly was even better.

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