Canadiens vs. Avalanche Top Six Minutes: Clobbered in Colorado

Yet another shutout loss for the Habs

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The Canadiens played two back-to-back games this past weekend, but it already feels like forever ago. I miss these guys.

Alex Galchenyuk is back at centre, in case you hadn’t heard.

Let’s go.


  • When GameCentre logs me out is my favourite.
  • Anthems: Good pitch, weird inflection./

First period:

  • Well, that went downhill fast.
  • The Avalanche came out PUMPED
  • Oh, goodness gracious. 2-0 already. Two and a half minutes in!
  • I sometimes wonder if the master plan involves finishing SECOND in the division. Not gonna lie that I secretly wish they would.
  • So, like five minutes have gone by without a Colorado goal!
  • Oooh, nice chance there for Lehkonen.
  • Power play, because you can’t hang on to jerseys like that. Nice catch.
  • A Shea Weber slapshot would make me feel a whole lot better.
  • Lehkonen with the best chance, again.
  • That one could have been a whole lot better.
  • Wow, I forgot how completely crazy Jarome Iginla got after that hit by Emelin last time these two met.
  • Gah! Pacioretty nearly had that one! (Beauty pass by Beaulieu)
  • Okay, the Habs appear to have caught their stride. Right in time for intermission!/

Second period:

  • Why is everything day-glo? My eyes hurt.
  • OK - NOW they’re pouring it on.
  • Five minutes in, the Habs have had some great chances - still nada.
  • Nice work by Emelin and Weber on that MacKinnon breakaway.
  • Pickard’s movements are kind of jerky. It looks like he’s saying, “oh my god, oh my god!”
  • Liv Price forever!
  • Galchenyuk with some nifty moves - still nada.
  • Third goal on Carey Price. Assist Barberio. 3-0 now.
  • Good news! The Canadiens get another power play.
  • It didn’t look bad, but - still nada.
  • Another power play! Should I still be getting excited about getting these?
  • Guess not./

Third period:

  • I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the Habs will win this game.
  • Plekanec with a nice chance early - still nada.
  • Unfortunate giveaway by Nesterov, leads to a penalty preventing the breakaway.
  • Son: Oh, his beard is so yellow! THANKS SPORTSNET
  • Ridiculous call on Plekanec.
  • Five on three time.
  • The Colorado Avalanche have a hat trick, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Oh, and better news, another assist for Barberio!
  • Ten minutes left to score four goals.
  • The Captain is getting chippy.
  • At least Matt Duchene hasn’t scored though, eh?
  • Another Habs power play. Just reporting the facts.
  • I don’t like the words “blowing a tire” used in a Colorado game. Juuuuust because.
  • A Colorado player made the terrible decision of blocking a Shea Weber shot.
  • Brave, or dumb - not sure.
  • I don’t get it - the power play had been so good.
  • What’s with the Pac Man sounds? They’re almost rude.
  • In that game against Tampa this season, I believe after the game Therrien said there were, “no positives.” I’m searching for one tonight.
  • I know! When the broadcast showed pictures of Carey Price and his daughter.
  • 4:22 left. Willing to admit that they’re probably not getting four goals now.
  • That’s it.
  • Do your best to enjoy your evenings, folks. Colorado wins 4-0. /

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Third star: He almost scored, anyway. Speaking of which...

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First star: Hopefully Groundhog Day didn’t reset a whole year

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