Saturday Morning Warmup - What should the Habs do to thank the fans?

It's all well and good to apologize for the lockout. Gary Bettman's was pretty sincere, while Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk's seemed to be hollow, but that doesn't go very far. What can the Habs do to make it up to you.

The first thing the Habs have done since the press conference where Geoff Molson promised to "make it up" to the fans in regards to the lockout was to raise ticket prices.

Not by a little bit, mind you, but by a heck of a lot.

Premium games in the grey seats are now up to $93 a piece before dispensing fees. If you're not familiar with the Bell Centre, the greys start 3 rows down from the top of the building. It's the second cheapest regular seat grouping after the blues, not counting the Molson Ex Student Zone and the Saputo family zone.

Quite honestly I don't find this very surprising, Habs tickets have been under-priced for the market for years, and it's the scalpers who make a killing on it. However it sure doesn't look like they're making anything up to fans in this regard. But we're crazy here, and we'll pay these prices to see our hockey team.

The Montreal Canadiens aren't really a team that has to worry about losing fans. Only 8 season tickets were cancelled due to the lockout. That's not many when you have a list of people 20 miles long on a waiting list they pay over $100 a year just to stay on to get season tickets somewhere down the line.

So what are the Habs going to do to make it up? What can they do? Do we even care, or are we just too damn happy to hear Michel Lacroix announce the lineup to worry?

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