Canadiens Surprisingly Good At Gaining And Maintaining Lead Against Washington


In hindsight, a Game Two slip up just might have cost the Montreal Canadiens a series win over the Capitals. Leading 4-1 late in the second period, the Habs were stormed by the Capitals' thrust and it eventually resulted in a 6-5 OT win for Washington.

Costly is not the word!

In six games of the series so far, it is quite surprising to note that in lead time during games, Montreal has held a big edge in minutes leading. It is in fact a trend carried over from the regular season's four meetings.

What is even more is curious is that the Canadiens have carried this stat mainly on Washington ice, and that apart from the first two series' games in Montreal they have a huge advantage in leading minutes.

What follows are the individual game tallies and the breakdown of the stat, followed by series totals.


Game One Montreal wins 3-2 OT

Scoreless 12:36

Montreal Lead Time 2:57

Even Score 25:14

Washington Lead Time 6:47

Tied 25:45

Game One Totals: ES: 63:35 WLT: 6:47 MLT: 2:57


Game Two Washington wins 6-5 OT

Scoreless 1:00

Montreal Lead Time 48:47

Even Score 5:07

Montreal Lead Time 3:45

Even Score 1:52

Game Two Totals: ES: 7:59 WLT: 0:00 MLT: 52:32


Game Three Washington wins 5-1

Scoreless 21:06

Washington Lead Time 38:54

Game Three Totals: ES: 21:06 WLT: 38:54 MLT: 0:00


Game Four Washington wins 6-3

Scoreless 8:10

Washington Lead Time 1:02

Even Score 26:30

Montreal Lead Time 4:11

Even Score 11:16

Washington Lead Time 8:51

Game Four Totals: ES: 45:56 WLT: 9:53 MLT: 4:11


Game Five Montreal wins 2-1

Scoreless 1:30

Montreal Lead Time 58:30

Game Five Totals: ES: 1:30 WLT: 0:00 MLT: 58:30


Game Six Montreal wins 4-1

Scoreless 7:30

Montreal Lead Time 52:30

Game Six Totals: ES: 7:30 WLT: 0:00 MLT: 52:30

Series Totals: ES: 147:36 WLT: 55:34 MLT: 170:40

In six games, two going into overtime, the teams have played a total of 373 minutes and 50 seconds of hockey. For 147:36 of those minutes, the score has been tied (or scoreless for 51:52 of it). Of the remaining time, the Canadiens have held the lead for 170:40 in these games, the Capitals for 55:34.

In percentage of play approximations, this means that the Canadiens have been even or played with the lead against Washington for close to 85% of the time in games(318:16 of 373:50). Conversely, the Capitals have held the lead or played even with Montreal for approximately 54% of play time (203:10 of 373:50). In lead time percentage approximations, Montreal (170:40 of 373:50) have held a 48% to 15% edge over Washington (55:34 of 373:50).

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