Canadiens @ Stars Top Six Minutes: An Airing of Grievances

Well, at least it’s Christmas weekend now!

Pre-Game Thoughts

  • Good Lord it’s cold in WNY, I hope you’re all staying safe and warm this holiday weekend.
  • I also presently had to commandeer a TV at my future in-laws so I could also bring you all highlights tonight as well.
  • It’s fine though because I brought a bottle of Blanton’s for the holiday so we’re even.
  • I just saw the lines and I think for Christmas we need to get Martin St-Louis an Occam’s Razor. /

First Period

  • Well, Jake Allen is already in top form, not sure if that’s good or bad though.
  • Oh no, Cole Caufield drew a penalty.
  • All I want for Christmas is Kaiden Guhle on PP1.
  • And a power play assist for Michael Pezzetta, heckin’ right boys!
  • Riley Tufte repeatedly trying Arber Xhekaj is a bold choice.
  • Dallas’ reverse retro jerseys are boring as heck man.
  • Okay, so they scored a power play goal, can they kill a penalty too?
  • If Michael Pezzetta scored a shorthanded goal I think we should have just stopped teh game there and called it a night.
  • Hey they killed it off!
  • Oh my word Jake Allen is an adventure so far tonight.
  • I’ll take that first period, pretty good effort on the road. /

Second Period

  • Well, so far so good?
  • Mainly in that they haven’t been scored on yet.
  • The cowboy hat gave him special powers I’m pretty sure.
  • This game so far has turned out to be way more fun than the Stars jersey can’t lie.
  • Kirby Dach is developing into such a smooth operator, the Draft day trade continues to look better and better.
  • Jason Robertson is an absolute menace, and I mean that as a compliment.
  • Also I have been a very good blogger this year, and would like to ask Santa for a Slafkovsky goal next.
  • Well, that’s a poorly timed penalty from Jonathan Drouin.
  • That’s a poorly timed power play goal against if you’re the Habs.
  • I thought that penalty was on Joel Edmundson, am pleased it’s not.
  • Then I realized the Habs are now on the power play and wish it wasn’t called at all.
  • “No shots on that power play” might as well be the motto of the Habs this year.
  • Well at least they ended the period with the lead, a minor miracle!/

Third Period

  • Don’t look at Nick Suzuki’s metrics tonight unless you want to sob.
  • Well, that’s probably not how the Habs envisioned this period starting.
  • It’s now definitely not how they wanted to start this period.
  • Before Matt Murray started kicking his net off that penalty is never getting called.
  • TJ Luxmore wanted to be part of the show I guess.
  • Habs kill the penalty, can they get a shot on goal next?
  • Oh god they’re singing country music now in Dallas.
  • Great shift from Christian Dvorak!
  • Oh, I looked at NaturalStatTrick and it’s real bad folks.
  • Cole Caufield’s a sneaky guy with the stick lifts eh?
  • That’s about right, 3 power play goals against.
  • Jake Allen again doing his best to thwart Team Tank’s plans with that save on Hintz
  • Yeah, Josh Anderson wiping out like that is a perfect night cap to this game lol.
  • Welp.
  • Have a safe and merry Holiday weekend everyone, be sure to leave a scotch and chicken fingers out for Santa.
  • Or me, I don’t mind/

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Talk about a throwback

2) So there’s a first line (when it plays together) and now a fourth. Two more to go.

1) Enjoy your holidays, everyone!

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