Canadiens @ Sabres Top Six Minutes: Full effort for the win

An entertaining Monday night.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Just because the Sabres are trying to grab a playoff spot doesn’t mean they’re better than us. You know what I mean.
  • Nine games left. Let’s do this!
  • Breaking News: Cayden Primeau just got recalled and will join the team in Philly.
  • Well that can’t be good./

First period

  • Harris opens the scoring 1:22 in! I told you they weren’t better than us.
  • In his NHL debut, on his first shift Lukas Rousek ties it up. Don’t think you’re special new dude. It happens all the time.
  • Dach attempts to check a Sabre but ends up clocking Edmundson with his stick. Let’s not do this kind of hijinks again tonight fellas.
  • Gallagher is the first one to take a seat in the box.
  • While taking the faceoff, Evans sends Krebs flying onto his butt. Jake “No BS Evans” is on deck tonight and it’s fun.
  • However, Jokiharju doesn’t find it very funny and follows it up with a big check. I’m going to count it as a win that he didn’t go for Evans’ head.
  • If you’re not enjoying Mike Matheson, you’re not paying attention./

Second period

  • Six seconds into their third power play, Buffalo decides they want to play a little four-on-four instead.
  • Please don’t knock Gallagher down. I’m pretty sure he’s turning to glass.
  • Belzile picks the top corner from a sharp angle and we’re back in the lead! Boy, that sweeet!
  • And Buffalo shows us up once again just over a minute later with Peterka’s I-can-go-sharper-than-you behind the goal line shot to tie it up.
  • Stillman gives the Sabres their first lead of the night.
  • Kovacevic takes a shot, breaks his stick then gets checked by a Sabre. Yes, may as well just go take a seat on the bench and regroup there, Kovy.
  • Hoffman with two good attempts but Comrie sprawls and puts a stop to it. /

Third period

  • Are the Habs on the power play? Nope, just dominating Buffalo’s zone. Again.
  • Savard lets a shot rip that hit 92.0 MPH. Someone’s getting frustrated.
  • A Gally goal ties it up! That makes goal #200 for our feisty little winger.
  • The Habs played a full 40 minutes and this final period is 20 minutes turbo charged.
  • Allen stops the puck and has no idea where it is. But Matheson does and swipes it away. **See 1st period Matheson.
  • Hoffman with a spin-o-rama pass to Suzuki who lets it rip but can’t finish off the fancy play with a goal.
  • And with that, we’re off to.../


  • Allen with the save plays the puck up centre ice. Dach picks it up and goes for it. For his attempt he gets checked from behind.
  • So, off to the power play we go.
  • Buffalo rings one off the post.
  • Both teams are having so much fun they just don’t want it to end. So, we’re off to.../


  • My battery is dying. Someone needs to finish this up.
  • Or, you know, go to six rounds.
  • Thank you, Pezz!
  • I told you they weren’t better than us.
  • /

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s great to have defencemen who can make it work

2) I’m kind of upset it didn’t need to be reviewed

1) We’re all heavily invested

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