Canadiens vs Sabres Top Six Minutes - BLEARGH Edition

Your quick recap of the Montreal Canadiens' frustrating 4-3 loss to the Buffalo Sabres

• [Insert 400 swear words]
• [Insert 400 more]
• This has to be, at the very least, the sixth game in the last three seasons between these two teams that the Sabres stole without deserving a single point.
• The Leafs and Bruins are fun to hate. Buffalo isn't even fun to have disdain for. Fuck those guys.
• Dear Steve Ott, I hope you have to live in Buffalo for the rest of your life.
• Dear officials, I hope you do, too.
• [Insert 400 more swear words]
• The Canadiens were mentally tired, as many of you already pointed out, and ended up taking way too many stupid penalties. And making a million silly gaffes. Good thing we don't have too many back-to-... oh.
Peter Budaj let in some terrible goals. Would you have played Price today? I'm torn.
• The part of Ryan Miller was played by Vesa Toskala this evening, and he still won the game. [Insert 400 more swear words]
• No, the penalty kill was not good. It was pretty lucky. I guess the luck ran out.
• How stupid was Ryan White? I mean I love the guy, but [Insert 400 more swear words]
• Silver lining: Josh Gorges appears to be okay. Hope it stays that way.
• EOTP's Three Stars of the night, as selected by your blog overlord:
3rd star: "Poor Budaj. A GF gives him stress" by Ch00ver.
2nd star, on Buffalo games being boring: "It’s like the perfect mix of terrible hockey and cheap shots, what’s not to love?" by Nolan KB, and,
1st star: "I guess it's only goalie interference when it's not goalie interference." by Thomas Skeggs
• Another silver lining: what a beautiful shot by Alex Galchenyuk in that shootout.
• Yet another silver lining: suck it, Buffalo, you don't have P.K. Subban: Subban-dive_medium

• [Insert 400 swear words]

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