Canadiens @ Red Wings Top Six Minutes: No Reprieve

The Habs got a couple of nice goals, but overall were flat in their loss to one of the worst teams in the league.

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I have a horrible head cold, and haven't watched a Habs game in a really long time, but I just happen to get a game with Mike Johnson on broadcasting. I win. (To put it into perspective, the last time I watched a game, Montreal was in a playoff spot.)

First Period

  • Three wins in their last 20 something games? Oh dear. They're gonna win now, aren't they.
  • Gulp. That was not great.
  • That shot from Cousins was though.
  • I knew Detroit wasn't good. I did not realize they were THAT bad.
  • I hate it when fans yell "shooooot”, but Kovy should probably have shot.
  • Oh Dutch. Why.
  • Danault  and the killers being much better than the Detroit power play.
  • OH Cousins, what was that?
  • Well, at least Montreal has this. Their special teams are better than Detroit's.
  • That pass from Kovalchuk was pretty mint.
  • Oh lord, shots are 12-6 for Detroit.
  • ...really??? THAT'S a penalty these days??
  • Ok Lehk. Do it again./

Second Period

  • 4-20-3 when allowing the first goal?? Oh dear...
  • Kovalchuk looking good.
  • So's Lindgren for that matter.
  • Things they are and aren't calling this game on both sides is stupid.
  • Turns out that you can't punch people in the face, lolol.
  • OY, do not do that to Lehk!
  • They actually SCORED five-on-three! Amazing! And they made it look SO easy too.
  • Good to see the shots starting to even up just a little bit!
  • Weber on the...breakaway????
  • Well. It's been a while since they called one of those. Cousins is not having a good night.
  • Aahahaha. Calling the Julien bench shot.
  • Ah, damn it. And of course it was the Dane.
  • Kovy, Domi, and Suzuki? I like. That was a good shift.
  • Please do not crush the kids...
  • Oh Tuna.
  • Jeff Petry sees your fancy stick work, and says nahhhh./

Third Period

  • Oh no.
  • This power play is much less good.
  • Oh. My. Goodness. That pass. That WEIRD finish. Mete's offense against Detroit continues!
  • That was a lousy power play, but the most recent shift from Mete and company was awfully pretty.
  • The Dane again?? Why you gotta do this to me, Frans? (Also really??? Habs???)
  • At least shots are the more respectable 27-24.
  • Please don't go to OT.  I am sick. I don't want this to be long drawn out.
  • On the other hand, also please don't lose. So, you've got five minutes.
  • Which means you may want to stop playing in your own zone.
  • Oh god, Kotka.
  • Sigh.
  • I mean,  guess I get to go to bed?
  • Empty net...
  • Thank you Dad. And by Dad, I obviously mean Shea.
  • More sighs.
  • Habs lose 4-3./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Very considerate

2) Nice to give the Detroit fans something to cheer about

1) Not quite so far from 31st overall now!

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