Canadiens @ Rangers Top Six Minutes: The Finnish Armada rolls through Broadway

It was a big night for Joel Armia, as the Canadiens posted a second straight game with a hat trick!


  • Big weekend ahead, two very winnable games for the Canadiens, and they typically play well in New York.
  • Here’s hoping that continues tonight, otherwise the $150 I spent on beer today might immediately be dug into.
  • Predicting a goal for Artturi Lehkonen tonight, his best games always come on Broadway it feels like.
  • Also, a first point for Nate Thompson as well?/

First Period

  • Oh good, another player making their NHL debut, good thing they almost never score against the Habs in those.
  • Lehkonen comes close with the wraparound!
  • Pionk sounds like a Pokemon, not a hockey player.
  • Well that solid start evaporated rather quickly.
  • Ah good, a Lemieux that’s a reckless pain in the ass, that’s always fun and original.
  • Well, thank god Carey Price is sharp, or this is a 2-0 Rangers lead.
  • Another prime chance for Lehkonen, he’s gonna do the thing I’m telling y’all.
  • At least there was no momentum going for that power play to kill right?
  • That was most certainly a period of hockey, it wasn’t good  hockey mind you but still./

Second Period

  • And now a penalty kill, not a great sign there fellas.
  • Great pushback from the Domi/Drouin/Shaw triumvirate after the penalty kill.
  • Hey cool Gallagher is just fine, and the game is tied!
  • Saucy pass from Tatar there(ducks for incoming tomatoes)
  • Price and Lundqvist with dueling incredible saves, and I’m reminded how much fun this goalie showdown can be.
  • Oh come really, a power play again?
  • Good work Jeff, way to stop that before it did any damage to the team!
  • See, if Petry didn’t negate the power play, Christian Folin’s dump-in never would have taken a weird bounce for Joel Armia’s goal!
  • TOMAS TAT-awww man
  • I like heading into intermissions with a lead, it’s the best, almost as good as booping a dog’s nose./

Third Period

  • Why are people throwing things on the ice?
  • A night of weird bounces eh? Ths one off of Jordie Benn’s thigh and nearly into the net.
  • What an effort by Joel Armia, fending off the Rangers defence, then ripping a shot by Lundqvist!
  • I wish I had more to say, but the pace has picked up plenty in the third, and that most certainly favours the Montreal forward group.
  • Oh Chris Kreider’s knee hurts after colliding with someone? That’s so sad, Alexa play “Despacito”
  • I am utterly shocked it took this long for Max Domi and Brendan Lemieux to get in a jawing contest.
  • Oh look, Carey Price doing Carey Price things,it must be a day ending in “Y”.
  • Of course after I’ve spent all night making fun of him, Lemieux scores.

Highlight of the night

Had this save not been made, the playoff picture could be looking very different right now.

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Decent night from the netminder

2) Just enjoying a little Finnish

1) Three doses of Karmia, to be exact

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