Canadiens @ Predators Top Six Minutes: Heartbreak in Nashville

It was like getting a box full of chocolate with coconut in it on Thursday night.


  • It’s Valentines Day, and by that token I spent my day off today eating hibachi and napping.
  • There likely won’t be much love lost tonight, as the Habs clash against P.K. Subban and the Predators.
  • Hello Nate Thompson, I don’t have a nickname for you yet, but welcome!
  • Congrats to Shea Weber on his 900th NHL game, the Man Mountain getting to play a milestone game where his career began is always a nice touch.
  • Off-topic question for tonight’s game, who is the best character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?/

First Period

  • New fourth line gets their first ice time and, well the puck didn’t go in at least!
  • Sometimes I forget that Mike Reilly can really fire the puck, and he should do it way more often.
  • You cannot physically high-sick Rocco Grimaldi who has apparently escaped from the lollipop guild, but Brendan Gallagher somehow did.
  • Dear god the Nashville power play is bad, and I know bad power plays by this point in the season.
  • Oh no, now it’s the Habs turn for a power play.
  • That wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad so, progress?
  • At least Carey Price appears to be awake through the opening period.
  • Good chance from Deslauriers and Weise to end the period, more of them doing that please./

Second Period

  • Much better start to this period from the Habs, they found out they can play in the Nashville end!
  • I see Artturi Lehkonen is still cursed to never score on those wide open chances.
  • What a shift by Brendan Gallagher to bail out the fourth line, and draw a penalty in the process.
  • (Two minutes of infuriatingly bad hockey)
  • I’d like to know what Jonathan Drouin was thinking with that pass, especially since it’s in the back of the net.
  • “Maybe both teams won in this deal” THANK YOU MIKE JOHNSON FOR SOME SANITY
  • That was a highly awkward sequence, especially since TSN just randomly cut to the Preds bench with the puck in play.
  • HOW?!
  • Big period for the Habs, but missing a well deserved goal or three./

Third Period

  • Oi, ref gonna need you to move mate.
  • The NHL should take all the power play footage from this game and set it on fire, drown it in acid, then just nuke whatever is left.
  • Andrew Shaw makes this Habs team so much better this year, good to see him playing at his best.
  • Oh, well that’s no fun.
  • Brian Boyle having 14 goals is legitimately shocking to me, holy crap.
  • Oh Jordie no, you’ve been much better this season but just dump that puck man.
  • They gave us a power play too? This is the worst Valentines ever Nashville.
  • Victor Mete might never score an NHL goal.
  • Bring on Tampa Bay this weekend!/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Maybe next time, Gadget

2) Poor Mete

1) Had to be this one tonight

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