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The most despicable Bruins of all time: Semifinal: Brad Marchand vs Claude Julien

Have you ever wondered who the worst Bruin of all time was? We have too, and it's about time we find out, with your help. Today we finally arrive at the semifinals.


Brad Marchand

Marchand corrupting youths with douche disease.

Did we expect Brad Marchand to win both his quarterfinal matchups? Yes. Did we expect him to get 94% and 95% of the votes respectively? Yes. He's just that big a pile of shit.

There are really no limits to the depths Bradley will sink, whether that's repeatedly punching Swedish twins, trying to knee Chris Kunitz and faking an injury when he missed, hacking at Henrik Zetterberg's surgically repaired back after play has stopped, or complaining after every game that officials are mean to him. Anyone going up against Marchand is in for a tough vote.


Claude Julien


Who would have thought that someone from the traitors category would make the semifinals? Well if you haven't been paying attention, people really hate Claude Julien, and for good reason.

Claude Julien is the whiniest, infantile coach in the NHL, and possibly the world. He has team play dirtier than anyone else in the league, then cries constantly about how his team gets a disproportionate number of penalties called against them. A little advice Claude; if you don't want to be penalized all the time, stop having your team play like a bunch of shit heads.

But that's not the end of it with Julien, because if he was just a shit heel, no one would care about him and he'd be out of the league by now, but he also has the audacity to be a tactically brilliant coach, one of the best in the league. What an ass hat.