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The most despicable Boston Bruins of all time. Divers: Brad Marchand vs Zdeno Chara

Have you ever wondered who the worst Bruin of all time was? We have too, and it's about time we find out, with your help. Today we take a look at Bruins divers: Brad Marchand vs Zdeno Chara

(1) Brad Marchand

A rhetorical question if I've ever seen one

Brad Marchand, aka Ratman, aka Stanley Cup Champian, aka Cyrano de Diverac, aka that guy absolutely no one likes in his hometown, aka the Duke of Diving, is definitely a favourite in this tournament.

Not only does he have an insanely long history of diving, but he actually whines about others diving as well. He plays tough behind his bigger teammates, flops on a nightly basis and kicks (probably) puppies for fun.


(4) Zdeno Chara

Chara is pictured here in his preferred flopping position.

The big man goes down easier than Tyler Seguin's groupies. He transforms from an immovable troglodyte into the man with the worst balance in the NHL at the drop of a hat. In a recent poll he ranked in the top 10 for current Slovakian actors. During the summer he runs a drama workshop, which has attracted such names as Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro, both of which credit Chara with turning them into the fantastic actors they are today.

For an extended list of both Ratman and Captain Embellishment's most obvious dives check out their rap sheet.

So, who will win this battle of the bad balance ballerinas?