Canadiens @ Penguins Top Six Minutes: Teamwork works

Paul Byron wasn’t just all over the ice, he was all over the scoreboard

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Pre-game thoughts:

The Habs surprised everyone when they came out focused and fast during the first game of the season against the Leafs on Wednesday night. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum going!

That being said, the Pens have been tallying some pretty high scores. Let’s hope they have that out of their system.

First period

  • Kotkaniemi heads to the sin-bin for slashing just two minutes in. Don’t get too excited now Jesperi, we need you on the ice.
  • He tries to make up for it by taking a shot on Murray right out of the box but no go.
  • No score on the Habs power play but they managed to keep the puck in the Pens zone for a nice amount of time. The bar is low. Small successes impress me.
  • Gally-goal baby!! Let the Gallagher streak begin.
  • I can’t be the only one distracted by Drouin’s flow, right?
  • Byron steals the puck, breaks away (naturally) and sneaks it past Murray to make it 2-0!/

Second period

  • We’re heading into the second period up 2-0. Those boys aren’t sporting those A’s for nothing.
  • Byron nets his second of the night to make it 3-0! Turns out his ‘A’ stands for awesome.
  • Two great penalty kills AND a sharp power play. Yes, please.
  • Speaking of sweet penalty kills, Armia picks up a shorty to make it 4-0.
  • You read right. The Pens still aren’t on the board.
  • Until their fourth line finally gets a rebound past Price. Refresh my Crosby on the fourth line?/

Third period

  • Defence is looking pretty on point tonight. You heard me.
  • Guentzel with a shot that makes it past Price but off the post. A little too close for comfort on that one.
  • Close call for Kotkaniemi again. I see a goal in his near future.
  • Halfway through the third and the Pens only have one shot on goal. This is a fantastic feeling.
  • Here comes Hudon with a wrap-around to wrap it up in a pretty, pretty bow!
  • Sure, it’s just game two...but I thing we’re on to something here./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) How about that Paul Byron?

2) Good memories

1) The kids are alright

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