Canadiens vs Penguins Top Six Minutes: An overwhelming amount of meh

Well, that was disappointing, to say the least

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

The Penguins are fresh off an absolutely wild 8-7 win in overtime against Washington, and I don’t know about you, but I’m nervous about this game...

First Period

  • Damn, Danault still looks so good.
  • Oh, oh no...don’t hurt Jeff. We need Jeff.
  • Stupid posts...
  • Oh good. Petry’s back.
  • Ok...Mitchell isn’t that good, but ignoring him in your own zone could still get you scored on...I mean...if he’d hit the net
  • I disapprove of everything that just happened. First no Chucky goal, and then the Pens score? I do not like.
  • First I was grumpy at whomever was whacking at Emelin when they went into the net. And then I realized it was Sid...and I’m no longer grumpy.
  • Ghetto, Lehk and Plek causing chaos, boy that was a nice shift.
  • Please stop hurting Petry./

Second Period

  • Please get it out of your own end, boys. For more than two seconds.
  • Maybe don’t give up a power play to Sidney Crosby and his band of merry men.
  • Really Habs? Really? And it wasn’t even on the power play.
  • Sid and Patch involved in multiple scuffles. I don’t know how I feel about this. Generally unhappy, I guess?
  • Get. It. Out.
  • What is anyone doing.
  • SHOOOOOOOOOOT. Yes, Habs. You’re making me that person.
  • I hate everything.
  • SVEEEENNNNNNNNNNN. Habs are on the board.
  • Boy has that line looked good tonight./

Third Period

  • Wow that was almost a really nifty goal from Shaw.
  • Don’t break Torrey. Do not.
  • Ooh that was fun. There should be more ref cam.
  • At least we didn’t give up a short handed goal?
  • I say that and then the Habs have a really excellent shift...only to be thwarted by Hornqvist’s gear. Boo.
  • The ECHL All-Star game is far more fun than this one. Just saying.
  • Plekanec, Andrighetto and Lehkonen looking really, really good still.
  • Apparently I should have been more worried about boredom. I mean, we’re losing. But we’re not even losing in an exciting manner.
  • Sigh
  • Thank goodness that’s over. Habs lose 4-1. =//

Highlight of the Game

EOTP Three Stars of the Game

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