Canadiens "Our History" Site Makes It's Debut Online


I've just stumbled upon this....and you can gather my anxious excitement to pass it along to all Habs fans!

The Canadiens "Our History" site, an extension of has made it's debut online and it is simply freakin' awesome!

It has absolutely everything, all you could ever possible want to see and read on the Habs.

The place is loaded with video, like this one called "Men Behind The Mask - From Plante to Price", which speaks for itself.


The site has season by season by decade run downs on every Canadiens era, accompanied by a moving gallery of photos. There are bios of every player, special features on all Canadiens icons, a section on all 24 Stanley Cups, a greatest moments feature, a media gallery and much more.

In all honesty, I can't keep you from it any longer. Get yer butts over there, and spend some time getting to know the glorious past and present of this great team.

It really is a fantastic time to be a Habs fan!


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