Canadiens Open State Of The Art Bell Sports Complex In Brossard


The Canadiens officially opened the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard yesterday, holding what will surely be the first of thousands of practices there. According to Montreal Gazette scribe Dave Stubbs (pictured below at right), the facility is both an eyeful, and state of the art. Says Stubbs:

Mere words fail to describe the Canadiens' new practice facility in suburban Brossard, across the St. Lawrence River in suburban Brossard. It will not hurt GM Bob Gainey when he's squiring potential free-agent signings through Montreal next summer.

The dressing room is probably 50 per cent larger than what the team has at the Bell Centre, and the training and medical areas are so cutting edge that you'd swear half the stuff they have hasn't been invented yet.


Follow this link to Habs Inside Out and learn about all that the facility includes - it boggles the mind. Player interviews are also included.

One of the prime reasons the Canadiens went gonzo in creating such a structure, was with free agents in mind. After you check out these Gazette and HIO galleries, I'm sure you'll agree that it is quite a selling point!


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