Canadiens @ Oilers Top Six Minutes: Habs have front row seats to the McDavid Show

The Montreal Canadiens’ defence got exposed against the best skater in the world.

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The Oilers are struggling. Let’s hope tonight is not their needed bounce-back performance.

First Period

  • Oilers breakaway alert! Oh wait, that’s Zack Kassian, not Connor McDavid.
  • I guess it was time for the Oilers to get things to go their way. 1-0 Oilers.
  • When did Max Domi become such a sniper at the NHL level?.. Not that I’m complaining. 1-1.
  • Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s trio has some good chemistry. Kenny Agostino is doing his part.
  • That was a bad decision by Schlemko defending McDavid. The issue is that McDavid is so good at attacking off the rush that backing off and giving him space is almost as bad of a decision. The Habs blue-liners needs to time themselves better coming off of the offensive blue-line to limit his options. Strong back tracking from forwards would help, too. 2-1 Oilers. /

Second Period

  • What a play by Domi and Drouin. Two playmakers on the same line with a hard-nosed finisher. It seems to be working. 2-2.
  • That’s another PDO regression goal. Or a bad one from Niemi. However you want to see it. 3-2.
  • Habs powerplay continues to struggle. It’s not even good at giving them momentum theses days.
  • That’s a Niemi night if I have ever seen one. A few bad goals early, followed by crazy saves. /

Third Period

  • A few nice plays orchestrated by Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Better get used to it!
  • Habs looked really good in this start to the period. This goal hurts. 4-2 Oilers, and a momentum change.
  • Is it me or is Connor McDavid always on the ice?
  • That should be the goal that seals things for the Habs. 5-2.
  • Niemi is still battling in the defeat, but it’s not enough. 6-2. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) I hope this iteration lasts late into the season

2) Might be an option worth exploring in the film room

1) Yes, let’s all look over here

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