Canadiens memorabilia pulled a pretty penny at auction

The ‘72 Paul Henderson sweater was clearly the talk of the town amongst memorabilia collectors last Wednesday morning.
Fetching a record price of $1,067,058, after a month long auction, it shattered the previous record set for a hockey sweater set earlier this year when a Bobby Orr rookie sweater fetched over $200K.
The Henderson sweater was not just the only item up for grabs through Classic Auctions last month however. The site also had many outstanding Habs related items available.

I highlighted a few of these lots a couple weeks back on Ya! The Habs Rule!, but here’s a list of some that were a bit more "affordable" to collectors by Henderson sweater standards.

Lot # Description Final Price
427 Rod Langway’s ‘79 S/C Ring $15,178
298 S/C Replica auto’d by 5 HOFers $1,026
206 Henri Richard Game-used stick $484
797 1928 Howie Morenz Press Photo $240
519 Jacques Plante Auto’d photo $525
204 Doug Harvey signed/gm used stick $1,391
254 Murray Wilson’s ‘73 Cup trophy $5,185
116 Habs Photo collection(many auto’d) $1,531
299 Guy Lafleur auto’d Habs armchair $440
481 Vintage Habs hockey card lot $270

Don’t forget to add a buyer’s premium, applicable taxes and shipping charges to the final selling price.

This link will bring you back to the above items, as well as other Montreal Canadiens lots from prior auctions. Well worth a look for future reference for potential buyers or consignors for future auctions.

Some of these lots could easily be broken down by collectors for resale (photos, cards, etc.), notably that one great autographed photo lot . But damn, wouldn’t that Lafleur chair have looked good in the living room?

I've also posed the question, "How much would you be willing to spend on a piece of hockey memorabilia?"

How much would you spend on a piece of hockey memorabilia?

$100 or less30
$500 or less23
up to $10005
up to $50003
I own Wal-Mart I can buy anything!9

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