Canadiens @ Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Good effort, bad goals

An unfortunate second period saw the Habs lose the lead and keep it that way.

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  • The injury list continues to grow as Danault is now sidelined with a concussion.
  • Let’s not have a repeat of Thursday night’s game. Like, at all. I beg you.
  • Although, I will take a Lehky goal. But other than that, no repeats.
  • Make your mothers proud tonight, fellas./

First period

  • We’re 20 seconds in with no goal against. So far, so good.
  • Edmundson goes down hard after a trip by Dermott. I say trip, the refs don’t.
  • Kulak draws first blood and the Habs are on the board!
  • And Belzile picks up an apple during his first shift of the season.
  • KK is being a terror and throwing the body around. It’s pretty great.
  • Holl is the first to head to the box for tripping Armia and we’re off to the power play.
  • It’s your time to shine Suzuki.
  • Or, you know, save it for later.
  • Holl jumps out of the box, grabs the puck, heads for the net and Caufield’s quick on the backcheck to say not happening my friend.
  • Toronto ends the period with just three shots on goal. I love it./

Second period

  • And there’s the Suzuki goal that he was saving for 30 seconds into the second!
  • Brooks tries to get under the blocker of Allen as he’s holding the puck. A little scuffle ensues but nothing serious.
  • Is it weird that I loved it when Anderson gives Simmonds a good old shove to the ice? #AndersonCrush
  • Caulfield with a breakaway but couldn’t control the puck.
  • Allen wasn’t ready for Engvall’s shot and lets in a real stinker to make it a one-goal game.
  • Suzuki’s rush past everyone in his way on a path only he can see apparently.
  • Petry off the post! His shot. Not Petry.
  • A tic-tac-toe fools Allen and Nylander ties it up.
  • Ugh...Marner off the faceoff and the Leafs take the lead.
  • If Allen can grab a quick power nap during intermission, I think we can get this game back. /

Third period

  • KK with the quick release but can’t get the puck past Campbell. Poor KK hasn’t found the back of the net since March 30.
  • Hutton sends Anderson flying into the boards and it actually looks cartoonish with Anderson hitting his back off the boards and feet horizontal to the ice.
  • Do not injure Anderson! #AndersonCrush
  • Nylander trips Suzuki and off to the power play we go. To state the obvious, this would be the perfect time to tie it up.
  • Dermott is the latest target for a KK hit.
  • Allen stops Matthews at point blank range. Love it.
  • Toffoli with a great chance to tie it up but Campbell has a different plan.
  • Can we go back in time and play the second period differently?/

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Those were the days

2) If only we could get a pinch of consistency

1) Maybe we need some Elton John gifs to help us next game

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