Canadiens @ Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Close but no cigar

Caufield continues his goal streak as the Habs clue up their season against the Leafs.

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  • One final Habs vs. Leafs Saturday night showdown before Toronto heads off to the first round of the playoffs.
  • Cole Caufield is on a hot streak since the start of the month and has points in all games played against Toronto this season.
  • And Pezzetta is back!
  • This should be fun. /

First period

  • A fresh-faced Petry is back in the lineup. I wonder if he shaved to try to change up his luck?
  • The Habs have been in their own zone for 1:40 and Matthews and Marnier are circling like vultures. This is making me very uneasy.
  • Suzuki grabs the puck and makes a run for it while two Leafs crash into each other trying to stop him. Now, we’re talkin’.
  • Anderson breaks free and tries for career goal number 100 but sorry, not yet Josh. But tonight would be an awesome time to do it.
  • Shots are 11-3 Leafs Toronto halfway through. Hey defence, if you want Allen to get the win you can start lending a hand any time now.
  • Or you can let Matthews score. Not really the choice I would have made, but whatever.
  • And now Allen is hurt and in comes Montembeault.
  • Matthews immediately scores again.
  • Dammit, what did I tell you, defence?!/

Second period

  • You’ve injured our goalie, Leafs. The revenge comeback is going to be extra sweet.
  • Nice backcheck by Petry to fight Marner off the puck. Clearly a shave was all he needed to get back on track.
  • Montembeault with a great save shuts the door on a Nylander breakaway. Oh, it’s on now.
  • Caufield dives to keep the puck in the zone, Suzuki tees up Edmundson and we’re on the board! And Petry picks up the apple.
  • Tavares gets them their two-goal lead back. No biggie. Leafs aren’t great with 3-1 leads.
  • Romanov sends Toronto to their third power play after a crosscheck on Marner.
  • Let’s try a little four-on-four instead as Rielly heads to the box for tripping Suzuki.
  • Anderson so close again! I’m feeling an Anderson goal tonight.
  • Or a Caufield goal! That’s cool too!/

Third period

  • Time for a good ol’ fashioned Maple Leafs collapse.
  • Everyone lost sight of the puck so since players are just standing around, the ref blows the whistle.
  • Anderson with another great chance. Seriously, give it a rest already Kallgren.
  • Leafs get away with too many men right before...
  • They head to another power play after Petry gets called for tripping Blackwell. For those watching you’ll notice that it wasn’t a trip at all but actually just a plain ol’ body check.
  • And Suzuki gets tossed in the box for slashing so 5-on-3. Hang in there, Monty.
  • Nice kill, fellas! We’re still in this.
  • Off to the power play we go with 1:58 left. Cue breath-holding.
  • Bummer.
  • Good luck in the playoffs Leafs. Maybe this will be the year you make it past the first round. /

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Nice that they got to see Caufield tie your post-ASG rookie record

2) Just in case you were unaware that he’s scored a bunch of goals

1) Next season is going to be a fun one

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