Canadiens @ Kings Top Six Minutes: Lazy effort in La La Land

Montreal scored first, but had no pushbak as Los Angeles attacked in waves.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

1st Period

  • A decent start from the team, but the game hasn’t really set itself yet.
  • Sami Niku with some moves, but he loses the puck, but got back to help out.
  • Icing.
  • Toffoli with a steal, and almost gets the wraparound.
  • Nick Suzuki with a solo raid that deserved a better end.
  • Power play - Montreal! That resulted in nothing.
  • JOSH ANDERSON, on a great feed from Dvorak on a two-on-one. 1-0 good guys!
  • Good finish and Montreal takes a lead with them into the first intermission. /

2nd Period

  • Anderson with a shot that almost got in.
  • Caufield gets his first big chance of the period.
  • Arvidsson equalises after a bit of a broken play.
  • Chaos near Allen, but the puck stays out.
  • Anderson to the sin-bin...
  • ... and 2-1 LA, from a great Kaliyev shot.
  • Another penalty for Montreal...
  • ... but Kempe takes penalty too. 4-on-4 hockey.
  • Ben Chiarot with some sweet moves, but no goal. /

3rd Period

  • Dvorak to the box.
  • Kupari with a power play goal, 3-1 bad guys.
  • Kings adds another, Iafallo grabs a rebound.
  • Montreal goes back to the penalty kill. Lehkonen to the box.
  • Montreal manages to hold on.
  • Allen saves Montreal from a fifth goal in the back.
  • Another boxplay coming up...
  • 5-1
  • Ben Chiarot scores to make the numbers look a bit better./


  • It never rains in Southern California - it pours... /

EOTP 3 Stars

3) There’s really no reason to keep him around for this

2) The best-positioned defender of the entire game

1) The life of a fan

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