Canadiens @ Jets Top Six Minutes: A wild night in Winnipeg

One thing is for sure: nobody had this game correctly predicted beforehand.

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  • Winnipeg has hired the most most famous local Ukrainian a cappella group for the evening. Nice move.
  • The Ukrainian national anthem is much more powerful than the Swedish one. Can we get their songwriters to make us a new one?
  • Six in a row?/

First period

  • Caufield hasn’t scored in some time now. Draught?
  • How much have the commentators on TSN been paid by HuGo to talk up Ben Chiarot as much as they do?
  • No shutout for Monty today. Early lead for the home side.
  • Yeah, this is the Montreal we know (and have learned to loathe) from the last few months. 2-0 Winnipeg on something which was hardly even a shot.
  • Penalties, penalties, penalties...
  • Suddenly, it’s a four-on-three after two separate tripping calls.
  • The Hoff creates an unnecessary turnover and Winnipeg have their third.
  • Three goals in four shots. Monty will get pulled soon.
  • We have four. In six shots. Gimme a f-ing break.
  • Anderson gets one back from absolutely no angle whatsoever./
  • Anderson gets another one. PP-goal off a Caufield rebound. This is not over.
  • Hey guys, this is getting better and better. Even Heskey... errrh, I mean Lehky’s scored./
  • It’s 4-3 and the Jets haven’t had a shot since their fourth goal./

Second period

  • Throw in your hats. We’ve got a hat trick!
  • It took 362 NHL games for Josh Anderson to get his very first three-goal game./
  • He certainly chose a memorable night to do it.
  • This is a terrible, unexciting game. We haven’t had a goal in minutes now.
  • The zebras enjoy the centre stage just a tad too much this fine evening. We’re quickly approaching double-digits in minor penalties.
  • Penalty shot for Pitlick!
  • ... and Hellebuyck decides to stop a shot for once.
  • Instead, Winnipeg’s own policeman Andrew Copp gives his team the lead back. Undeservedly, I must say./

Third period

  • Say whatever you want; at least it’s a fun ride watching the Habs play now.
  • We have a ten-goal game. 6-4 Jets and it’s their least likable player who scored it.
  • Gally has two penalties in the third period. Both of them have resulted in Jets goals. It’s 7-4.
  • A wise man once said: “It’s difficult to win hockey games if you let in seven shots in just twenty-odd shots.”
  • Do we have 7-5 and hope again? A looong review following a disallowed goal, where Gally clearly kicked the puck not once, but twice.
  • And it remains disallowed. League review though. Weird one.
  • New penalty. Caufield is too quick for Pionk.
  • If only we had a power play...
  • Wideman drops his gloves to fight dirty #55.
  • This is such a strange game. 8-4 now, and we have three straight four-goal streaks during one game.
  • Game over. But it was a fun ride for a while there. Long live MSL!/

EOTP 3 Stars

3) He’s just making his audition for the World Cup

2) Good effort all around despite the score

1) It was a spectacular performance

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