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Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Habs sweep the Weekend

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Never change a winning line-up. Or maybe do. McCarron in for Ott and Emelin in for Davidson tonight. Fresh legs.
  • Never change a losing line-up. But you probably should. Senators ice the same team as last night, right down to starting goaltender Craig Anderson/

First Period

  • Habs are looking good to sta— GOAL!
  • Plekanec?! Plekanec!!
  • You would think a powerplay immediately following a goal would be a good thing.
  • And the Senators pinball a goofy one in. Of course.
  • Another Canadiens penalty; another Paul Byron breakaway.
  • Habs are doing a good job protecting Price tonight. They’re quick to clear his crease.
  • They keep taking penalties for doing so though. Probably worth it.
  • The Habs’ penalty kill is far more potent than their powerplay.
  • The Superior Benn!! Jordie makes up for helping Pyatt tie the game. 2-1 Good Guys.
  • No dice on the first 45 seconds of the powerplay./

Second Period

  • Let’s give this powerplay thing a try again.
  • Senators must have been scolded during the intermission. They’re rolling to start this period.
  • Emelin with a monster hit. Pretty sure that echoed.
  • The 67-27-47 line is making things happen tonight. Feels inevitable they’ll score.
  • Gallagher has been a pest all game long. Borowiecki didn’t like it.
  • Oh there’s a little of that Carey Price magic.
  • Took until 1:04 left in the second period of the second game for shenanigans to start. I definitely lost that bet./

Third Period

  • A Carey Price glove save with a little mustard is always a fun way to start a period.
  • GOA—no? To review!
  • Apparently the puck has to **actually** cross the line to be a goal. Shame.
  • Silky Mitts Byron does it again. Twenty-goal-scoring waiver pick-up. What a season.
  • Shaw and Gallagher have been in the Senators’ kitchen all night. Must be maddening to play against guys like that.
  • Radulov has had enough and everyone else agrees. Two minutes for everyone!
  • Chris Kelly and Torrey Mitchell drop the gloves. The next 8 minutes are going to get silly, folks.
  • Emelin breaks up a Senators play and then draws a penalty. He’s been good.
  • A Shea Web—– wait. NATHAN BEAULIEU bomb from the point! Powerplay Goal!
  • Gallagher to Byron and in. SIX SECONDS.
  • I love everything.
  • A review because Guy Boucher doesn’t want people to be happy. Offside.
  • I still love everything.
  • That was fun! Let’s do it again next Saturday, shall we?/

Habs Highlight of the Night

EOTP 3 Stars

Third star: It just wouldn’t be right in a Habs-Sens series for the division lead to not make fun of the Leafs

Second star: Resetting the Karma

First star: Garry Galley will be kicking himself for this

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