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Canadiens @ Flyers Top Six Minutes: Habs keep on flying high

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • Chris Tierney is for the HuGo regime what Ilya Kovalchuk was for the Bergevin era.
  • A former superstar coming here on a dime to wreak havoc and then leave for a third-rounder at the deadline.
  • Remember where you read it first./

First period

  • I couldn’t see because my screen froze, but it seems like Mike Hoffman missed a (nearly) open net.
  • Hermione Granger: “Nearly open? How can it be nearly open?
  • Broadcast producer is obviously a Habs fan and don’t want Ken Holland to see Hoffman missing chances.
  • “Don’t worry, Ken. The Hoff is still worthy of your first-rounder” whistles innocently.
  • Great looks on the power play from Montreal. Shots from all angles. Nothing beating Carter Hart yet though.
  • Wait a minute. What did I just witness?
  • Philly decides to line change mid neutral-zone play and David Savard(?!) steps into the space in the slot for the tap-in on a Hoffman pass./

  • Yes, Kenny. You can have Savard as well.
  • Gonna cost you an additional first, but you’ve got assets, don’t you?
  • 2-0 right before the break.
  • Guess the scorer? It’s that former superstar coming here on a dime to wreak havoc and then leave for a third-rounder at the deadline./

  • Man, I’m smart sometimes./

Second period

  • Philly are weak.
  • Gritty must be crying his big googly eyes out.
  • Has there ever been a more fitting combination than Tony DeAngelo and the Philadelphia Flyers?
  • Like two peas in a pod.
  • Wade Allison instigates a fight with Belzile.
  • Naughty, naughty. Go cool off in the box.
  • Number three.
  • On the ensuing power play, Nick Suzuki delivers a pass into the crease, where Ivan Provorov does his best impression of Ivan the Terrible and redirects the puck into his own net.
  • I mean, who doesn’t want to score on a beautiful Suzuki Doordash delivery?
  • Jake Allen getting some action here late in the second.
  • 15 shots faced so far. 15 shots saved.
  • That’s pretty fly (for a white guy).
  • If this was a Premier League game, the Habs fans would be singing: “Sacked in the morning. You’re getting sacked in the morning”, aimed at John Tortorella by now./

Third period

  • What a shot!
  • Owen Tippett breaks Philly’s goose egg.
  • … But to no avail. Jesse Ylönen has his first of the season./

  • A nifty redirect on a Justin Barron shot.
  • Drouin gets the other assist.
  • I swear that Johnny Drou will have 50 assists before he scores one goal.
  • God, I hope that’s a jinx. I just want him to break his goose egg.
  • RHP doesn’t have a single point tonight.
  • A real flop, ever since he came up from Laval. Boooooooo.
  • RHP was immediately like: “You take that back, you…” and assisted Josh Anderson to Montreal goal number five this evening.
  • Provorov gets his second goal of the night to even out the numbers a bit.
  • I’ll take a 5-2 win for this depleted team.
  • It’s actually impressive to see how well many of these guys are stacking up in the NHL./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Hughes’s master plan at work

2) I think we need to give more credit to Stephane Robidas

1) The worst