Canadiens vs Flyers - Sunday Morning Warmup - P.K. Subban makes the shot block of the year

The next time someone wants to pretend that Subban isn't good defensively, kindly direct them to this video.

Is there another defenseman in the league who has the presence of mind, vision, speed, reaction time, and fearlessness to put themselves in position to block that shot?

P.K. Subban still isn't getting the ice time he deserves from Michel Therrien, but he is dominating every zone he's playing in.

At the point of the game in which Subban made the block, the score was 2-0 for the Canadiens. A few minutes later, Briere scored to cut the lead to one. If Subban doesn't make that tremendous block, it's a different game, and maybe Habs fans aren't so happy.

P.K. Subban is the man.

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