Canadiens @ Bruins Top Six Minutes: Rivalry is alive and well

The Habs got to try out their power play — a lot

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  • After practice on Wednesday, St-Louis said “We haven’t been intimidated by the opponents. I think we respect (Boston) but we’re not scared of them”
  • Given the way the season has been going for both teams... I’m a little scared.
  • Boston can clinch tonight. Hopefully Gally’s evil grin when he heard the news is a sign that won’t happen on his watch.
  • In the dying seconds of Tuesday’s game against Tampa, the mean hockey gods (and Sergachev) took Anderson away from me. You can’t even give me the last handful of games?/

First period

  • Gallagher with the first shot on goal. Delaying the clinch is probably why he came back.
  • Bertuzzi opens the scoring and Wideman immediately gets him in the face with his stick but gets away with it. Clearly he’s trying to send the message of if you know what’s good for you Boston, you won’t score anymore goals.
  • Bergeron takes Gallagher down at centre ice. All part of Gally’s plan.
  • Nice save by Allen. ‘Atta boy, Jake.
  • Pitlick hit Bergeron late and ends up on the receiving end of Marchand’s rage.
  • Marchand and Pitlick head to the box for roughing, and Frederic joins Marchand to round out the roughing. Not sure why Marchand didn’t get called for instigating and how Pitlick got grouped in the roughing penalties but the refs must know what they’re doing.
  • Matheson decides he doesn’t want to be on the power play and thinks they’ll do better at four-on-four.
  • Our turn on the power play as Clifton gets called for interference. All this within the last eight minutes mind you.
  • Barron off the post.
  • Clifton jumps out of the box, passes the puck to DeBrusk, Savard and Edmundson literally fall on their faces trying to stop him but nobody, including Allen, can.
  • Evans stops in front of Swayman and the Bruins take that as a snowshower and saw some kind of slashing motion so all hell breaks loose again. Swayman gets in on it by sticking Evans while he’s on the ice. Classy.
  • Evans and McAvoy get called for roughing and Evans gets a slashing penalty as the cherry on top. He didn’t actually slash Swayman but the refs must know what they’re doing.
  • While waiting for the faceoff, Hoffman gets a crosscheck to the face and heads down the tunnel with a bloody nose. Oh hey, finally a good call! Geer gets a five minute major and a game misconduct. For those who lost track, that brings us up to 23 PIM for Boston so far.
  • Are the Bruins always this amped up?
  • Suzuki is having none of this foolishness and gets his team on the board with 22 seconds left while on the power play!/

Second period

  • Suzuki passes to Dach, who does a slick backhand to RHP who fights to get it past Swayman but when the other Bruins join in, it’s a no go.
  • Pez gets a crosscheck in the back of the head and for a second looks like he’s down for the count in the corner. He’s on the bench but I’d wager not for long.
  • Pasternak gets one past Allen. Count yourself lucky you didn’t get a crosscheck too, Allen. Seems the Bruins are forgetting that their sticks should be vertical, not horizontal.
  • McAvoy is tripped and slides down the ice with his feet in the air. The Oscars are over, McAvoy.
  • Savard off the crossbar.
  • Nice stop on Pasternak, Allen. He’s not going to fool you twice.
  • Hoffman’s back sporting a full face shield. Damn, that’s one swollen jaw.
  • We’re back on the power play for the 68th time tonight.
  • Suzuki, to Matheson, to Dach and it’s a 3-2 game! That’s what you get for holding our captain, Hathaway.
  • Boston are now just being a bunch of bullies. Marchand hooks Evans the McAvoy follows it up with an elbow. Did I mention that Evans didn’t even have the puck?
  • Did I also mention that there was no call? Well, I guess the refs know what they’re doing./

Third period

  • Let’s see if we can come out of this unscathed. Wishful thinking considering all that’s gone down in the first 40 minutes.
  • That’s 0/5 on the power play. How’s that feel, Boston? Gives me the good feels.
  • Two-on-one with Pitlick and Evans but no go. Evans isn’t forgiving himself for missing that one.
  • If the Habs tie this up god help us all. We don’t have enough room in the press box for any more players.
  • Krejci pads the lead so we’re probably safe-ish.
  • Matheson goes all out, spins, lets it rip but goes wide.
  • The bullies babies Bruins clinch. Maybe now they can calm themselves./

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