Canadiens @ Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Carey Price keeps the winning streak rolling

Other than one bobble, Price was in full control in Ohio.

First period

  • Max Domi fires a shot that Joonas Korpisalo struggles with yet covers it up
  • Blue Jackets taking over possession, getting some offensive looks, but right now all they’re seeing is Carey Price
  • Michael Chaput slides in and takes a shot, which Korpisalo bobbles again
  • And Tomas Tatar completes that shift by sending a puck into an empty cage
  • Play still a little scrambly in front of Price. At least the netinder himself is looking calm behind the chaos
  • It’s a power play! Should we be mildly optimistic? Probably best to keep expectations low
  • A good choice in the end
  • Seems there’s a grinning competition between Pierre-Luc Dubois and Brendan Gallagher behind the play. I’m sure Gallagher won it
  • And we’ll start the second period on another Habs power play. They’ve been doing well in such situations recently. I guess we’ll find out in 17 minutes/

Second period

  • The Canadiens managed to gain the zone despite about four passes that missed the tape. Might need to bring some eggs to the next practice
  • (The coaches, not the fans)
  • Falling down three seconds after feeling a stick probably isn’t going to get you a power play. Wes McCauley learned all the tricks in his theatre classes
  • Just a casual point-blank save from Price on the penalty kill. That has to be discouraging if you’re an opposing player
  • Fourth-liners get a 2-on-1. It wasn’t pretty
  • Just showed a replay of the Price save. He made the save and continued on to cover another Jackets player in the same move. He’s in quite the zone right now
  • Some quick-break offence, and it’s Tatar once again!
  • Tatar really fought that puck all the way to the net, but was able to send it to the top shelf in the end
  • All the poor passing is rubbing off on Kotkaniemi. Nobody wants that
  • Canadiens power play gets wiped out by a Domi holding call. Not exactly a terrible outcome
  • A nonchalant pass from Jonathan Drouin just about leads to a Blue Jackets goal. Price bailed him out
  • Nice calm play from Joel Armia breaks up a Columbus zone presence before it can begin, and Domi is released back into the wild
  • A few more chances for Columbus but they closest the get is a tip of the post/

Third period

  • Shea Weber took a bit of a spear while trying to play a puck in his own end. He was just shown on the bench, and I’m pretty sure he was plotting his revenge
  • Price bobbles a puck for the first time, then can’t scoop it up after it spills, and it bounces right to Oliver Bjorkstrand, who got the puck after three Canadiens around the crease were clearly in shock
  • The goal has woken the Habs up a bit, and the game has gotten a bit lively now. They may have some work to do now to secure the two points
  • Artturi Lehkonen throwing his body around. These Finns can be vicious
  • Price stops Ryan Murray on a breakaway, and made it look easy
  • Korpisalo suddenly learned how to shut his glove, and that’s bad news for Tatar’s hat trick bid
  • The net is empty, but this time Korpisalo meant to leave it that way
  • But the puck ends up in it just the same, thanks to Joel Armia
  • And another. This goal-scoring thing is pretty easy when the goalie just decides to sit on the bench
  • Habs win 4-1. Oh, and the Leafs lost/

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) That’s a winner’s attitude right there

2) Since you all seemed so sure the TATAHHHHHHH! gif would be a star ... we go with the more creative option

1) This needs a Rains of Castamere-style song

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