Canadiens vs. Blackhawks Top Six Minutes: How many penalties is too many?

The Habs manage to leave Chicago with two points despite spending most of the night in the penalty box.

First Period

  • Okay, Habs, I just did the Jets recap so I expect just as many goals and as much excitement tonight from you
  • Happy birthday Jeff Petry, score a goal for every year you have been on this earth
  • Tomas Tatar called for ‘hooking’ and I see it’s going to be one of those nights. Again.
  • DOMI - more of that, please
  • WEBER - what a bomb. Habs up 2-0
  • Carey Price is looking solid again tonight
  • Delay of game penalty aka the dumbest penalty in the history of penalties. Weber sits for 2
  • Bad guys score on the power play. It’s extra bad because it’s Kane and he’s the worst.
  • Bit of a scuffle at the end of the first but the Habs are up 2-1/

Second Period

  • Paul Byron with a big hit...what a weird night
  • That was robbery! Gallagher to Tatar in front and it goes off the post
  • Reason number 2149753 why I love Jesperi Kotkaniemi: he is not afraid to shoot the puck
  • Deslauriers with a clean hit on Toews that the Hawks don’t like because they’re essentially full-grown infants
  • Deslauriers immediately takes a puck to the head from the following faceoff and yeah, that might leave a mark
  • Paul Byron faster than the speed of light
  • Every stoppage in play has me thinking that the Hawks actually have the worst dj in the league
  • Daily reminder that Artturi Lehkonen is an actual angel
  • No Byron on the bench. Ruh-roh.
  • Why is Patrick Kane still a thing. He nets his second of the game and we are tied
  • Announcers also mentioning no Byron. It has been nearly 15 minutes since they have seen him and excuse me while I grab this paper bag and hyperventilate
  • Byron is back. Forget that whole overreacting thing
  • Three Hawks go after Deslauriers and Hayden is the only one that gets called so suck on that, Chicago
  • Wow our PP is useless huh
  • Tied at 2 after 40/

Third Period

  • Another penalty for Tatar - that’s three on the game for him
  • Benn gets called for hi-sticking and sits for four and frankly, I think that’s better than him playing for four so...
  • Price stands tall and the Habs kill off the penalty
  • Shaw gets knocked into the Hawks’ bench and I am sure says his share of pleasantries to his old teammates
  • Habs get a 55 second two-man advantage following a pair of penalties and cannot capitalize not that anyone is surprised
  • Lehkonen gets called for tripping which is ridiculous because he can do no wrong
  • And now it’s Gallagher’s turn to sit - Do the Habs just prefer to play shorthanded: my column
  • Petry throws one to the net and Tatar redirects the shot and amazingly, the Habs squeak by with the win/

Highlight of the Night

Redemption for the man called Tuna

EOTP 3 Stars

3) It’s nice to be first in something

2) Even the slo-mo made it difficult to see

1) He’ll sleep a bit better tonight

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