Canadiens at Senators - Top Six Minutes - But... what... how... why...

The Canadiens didn't beat the Senators, they beat them down. Most of the game it was downright hilarious how dominant the Habs were, but they came out with a loss... How?

  • Games like this happen, and the Habs are 6-0-2 in their last 8 so don't freak out.
  • Looks like the Northeast Division really is the Habs' kryptonite, so freak out.
  • Give credit to the Sens, who keep finding ways to win in spite of their injury situation. They had no business being in this game, it should have been a blowout, but they got 2 points and never gave up.
  • P.K. Subban's penalty to end the third period was a phantom call, which means the Habs probably should have gone 60 minutes without a penalty. That should tell you how dominant they were.
  • David Desharnais' shootout goal was awesome.
  • Also awesome, Desharnais getting his helmet shot off by a puck, which then hit Bishop in the helmet.
  • Ben Bishop. Fuck that guy. "The Mountain that Skates".
  • The Canadiens hit 5 posts tonight by my count, most nights at least one of those is going in, and the game is a win.
  • Tonight is a loss that's frustrating, but one you can't be too angry about. The Habs were full value, and hey, their terrible Fenwick on the road is going to take a nice bump!
  • Brian Gionta, where art thou scoring touch? Plekanec can't do it all, sir.
  • Carey Price letting in a bit of a softy is an easy thing to hang this game on, but he made some quality stops in the 3rd period and still finished with a .958 save percentage.
  • The Habs will be 2nd in the East after tonight because Pittsburgh has more wins, but hey, we were first for 5 straight days and have been leading the division for a week. Not too shabby.
  • Edit: I'm an idiot and the 1 point the Habs got tonight keeps them in first. WOOOOO!
  • You guys suck at reccing. Only two comments had 2 recs in all 3 threads, and I was one of the reccers on both. No three stars for you.

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