Canadiens at Sabres - Top Six Minutes - PLAYOFFS

With the win over Buffalo tonight, the Montreal Canadiens have clinched a playoff spot with 8 games still remaining.

  • Rookie Alex Galchenyuk scored the game winning goal that put the Habs in the playoffs.
  • Think about that.
  • Clean your pants.
  • Think about it again.
  • Earlier today Leafs fans were getting really excited about a 4 vs 5 matchup between the Habs and Leafs because the Habs have more road games left than the Bruins. I responded by saying, "Look at the Habs' road record"
  • Said Leafs fans said, "Boston is even better at home". Well Boston lost at home tonight, and Montreal won on the road, so the Habs are back in 2nd in the East.
  • You had to know that eventually the Habs were going to give Buffalo a game like this. You can't outplay a team that badly and keep losing forever.
  • Rene Bourque's first full game back on the top line looked much like his first 12 or so, as he drove the net hard and made nice plays. He was rewarded with a goal off of his skate, his third against Buffalo in three games, giving him 5 points in the season series.
  • The Habs' record against Buffalo with Bourque: 2-0-1. Without Bourque: 0-1-1. Is Bourque the Buffaslug killer?
  • Now that the Habs are officially in the playoffs, I ask again, who would you rather faceoff against?
  • Peter Budaj has won 7 straight games. It's a career high for him, and gives him a 7-1-1 record on the year.
  • P.K. Subban man... Holy crap is he good.
  • I almost feel bad for Tyler Myers tonight. He blocked 3 Subban one-timers and is probably now in the hospital.
  • Once Buffalo started taking penalties, it just never stopped. This is a frustrated team. They probably wish they were golfing already.
  • Up 5-1, on a PP with the 4th line out, Nathan Beaulieu deked through the entire Sabres lineup before making a safe play and holding the puck on the boards. It was a pretty funny moment, and it shows how much skill this kid has.
  • Chris Boyle noted that the Habs were a +16 on Fenwick while the score was close. They got up to +20 a few minutes later, but ended at +16. Not bad.
  • No three stars tonight because we're going to be recording a podcast.
  • PLAYOFFS!!!!

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