Canadiens at Penguins - Top Six Minutes - 18 goals against in three games

Now is the time where everyone panics and overreacts.

  • Usually in games that have a large goal differential early, the trailing team gets a lot of penalties. Tonight the Canadiens avoided that possibility by being incredibly undisciplined.
  • The Canadiens' defensive coverage of late has been abysmal. Combine this with the goaltending also being below average and you've got three straight blowouts.
  • Maybe P.K. Subban was trying to spark his team in the third, but trying to fight Brenden Morrow was stupid.
  • Morrow isn't worth what Subban is, and the possibility of injury makes it even dumber.
  • Then Subban took a 10 minute misconduct for... not really doing much, but the refs were trying to prevent more stupidity in a blowout so who can blame them? Calling the extra two minutes for roughing though, was an absolute joke.
  • Remember when the Habs' detractors kept talking about their high PDO and saying they were lucky? They've gone from 3rd in the NHL to 11th before this game in the last week. After tonight they're likely around 13th.
  • Kinda dumb thing to point out: Marc-Andre Fleury allowed the most goals in this game of any goaltender.
  • Positives: Gabriel Dumont scored his first career NHL goal, Yannick Weber got his first point of the year and wasn't the worst defenseman on the ice, Galchenyuk's goal... wow.
  • I guess you could say it's a positive that they never gave up in the game and scored 4 goals, but I imagine that a large part of the offense was score effects.
  • The goals Price allowed were pretty tough breaks. The second and third especially. He looks a heck of a lot better than his previous two games though, which could mean that something good is around the corner.
  • Josh Gorges is struggling. Good god is Gorges ever struggling. I have no idea how he lead the Habs in ice time tonight.
  • Both Lars Eller and David Desharnais netted 2 assists and +2 ratings.
  • The Canadiens were absolutely brutal tonight, yet they got to within two goals against the top team in the conference.
  • Well, the top team in the conference that's missing Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and James Neal.
  • Bold prediction: The Canadiens are going to throttle Tampa Bay tomorrow.
Oh and this:



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