Canadiens at Maple Leafs - Talking with Pension Plan Puppets about tonight's game

We don't always do the 3 questions feature a second time with a team, but we had some special questions for Pension Plan Puppets that only they can answer.

Last night I emailed Julian (PPP) from Pension Plan Puppets to ask a couple of questions that will help us get to know the roster of the Toronto Maple Leafs. No wait, I did that already in mid-January. I actually sent Julian some sarcastic questions about recent events, and he responded in kind.

Julian also asked me some questions which will be up on PPP later today. So let's get to it, here they are:

1) Who will Mikhail Grabovski bite tonight?

You mean who will jam their arms into his mouth and then fake evidence of a bite that the league will ultimately dismiss? Just kidding, he'll bite whoever the hell he wants to because he IS made of adamantium and there's nothing anyone can do to get him back.


Editor's note: At least one part of Grabovski is adamantium...

2) Of all the Habs, who most deserves to get bitten by Grabovski tonight?

Normally I'd say everyone is equally deserving but ideally he'd gnaw the face of the next fan to pretend that trading him away for almost literally peanuts is alright because the Habs didn't fall apart after the trade.

3) How many minutes into the game until Max Pacioretty boards Grabovski and then doesn't get suspended for it?

Zero minutes because the NHL is so biased against Montreal they'd obviously suspend Pacioretty if he ever did something like board an opponent from behind...oh wait...


Thanks to Julian for being a good sport.

Will Grabovski bite someone tonight?


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