Canadiens at Islanders - The Warmup - Matt F Moulson

There are players who are Habs killers, and there's Matt Moulson...

Matt Moulson only has three goals against the Canadiens in two games this year, but it's pretty clear that the guy is in our heads.

Talking to a friend of mine yesterday, we agreed that the Habs would play great against the Isles tonight, disciplined and dominant, and build up a nice lead.

Then Moulson would score a natural hat trick on the PP on the Islanders' only three shots of the game.

The likeliness of this actually happening is virtually nil, but this is how Islanders games have felt this year.

Perhaps the worst part about the situation against the Islanders is that Isles fans are too damn gracious to hate. How do Islanders fans react when they beat us? They come on to EOTP, all polite, and apologize. But you know what? It's beginning to sound a bit familiar. I'm on to you, Islanders fans. I don't think you really mean it!

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