Canadiens at Devils - Top Six Minutes - Better, kind of, and still a loss

You know it's bad when the best you can say about a game is that it's not total garbage.

  • The first period was the exact same crap we've seen from this team the 5 previous games. Mentally weak, horrible defense, down multiple goals.
  • The rest of the game was better, but it was still in fits and starts. Part of that is because the New Jersey Devils are a good team, part of it is because the New Jersey Devils interfere with players on nearly every play.
  • Watching the game, I noticed that every single time the Canadiens dumped the puck in, one Devils defender would go for the puck, while the other would pick and interfere with the Canadiens player closes to the puck. This happened about 15-20 times in the game. During the third period it got even worse.
  • The Devils were called for interference once.
  • This isn't a new thing. The rule changes of the lockout before this last one were meant specifically to crack down on what the Devils do. The result was the Devils being the least penalized team in the league over that CBA by a mile. I don't get it.
  • The Canadiens probably wouldn't have scored on the powerplay anyway, but allowing cheating like that results in games where the shots are 24-21, and half of you wants to fall asleep and the other half wants to facepalm.
  • Francis Bouillon is back to top 4 minutes ice time. Non-existent deity help us all.
  • The PK has been horrid all season. Nothing has changed. Andrei Markov played 1:17 on the PK and is the Habs' worst defenseman in that scenario.
  • Last year P.K. Subban was the Habs' best penalty killer. He played 13 seconds.
  • Both of the Devils' powerplay goals were scored on complete phantom calls, but at some point the PK has to start killing penalties. Every kill right now seems more like dumb luck than an accomplishment.
  • Carey Price gave his team a chance to win, but they sure hell didn't deserve to.
  • On the bright side, the Bruins are sucking just as bad.

There aren't going to be any three stars, because the Canadiens' recent shit play has obviously killed the commentariat of this site. I don't blame anyone, aside from the Habs.

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