Canadiens at Bruins - Top Six Minutes - The NHL's greatest show

Let's be honest for a second here, the result tonight doesn't matter. The rivalry between the Canadiens and Bruins is the best show on the planet.

  • Wow.
  • WOW.
  • It's a shame that a game like that ends in a shootout. Is there any hockey fan on the planet that doesn't want these teams to play in the playoffs?
  • Chris Boyle suggested that Peter Budaj start the third. He did, and he put up a .933 save percentage, then stopped 6 straight shootout attempts to steal the win. Peter Budaj did that.
  • I honestly don't think Carey Price was to blame for any of the goals against him, so the heaps of criticism he's about to get from idiot fans is going to grate on the nerves. But wow, Budaj. Wow.
  • After losing 3 games that the Canadiens should have won, they just stole one in Boston. The Bruins took it to the Habs for 95% of that game, and got killed by some puck luck and lack of discipline.
  • This rivalry is so great, there's really no word to describe it properly.
  • Brendan Gallagher is a hero.
  • Brendan Gallagher is also a Bruins killer, which is an amazing turn of events. Not sure I could love him more.
  • Brendan Gallagher - Calder Trophy Winner 2013
  • Andrei Markov had a horrid game, then completely made up for it with a good luck bounce that tied the game.
  • Jarred Tinordi played 6:47 and went +5 on Fenwick. Play him more, Michel.
  • There are like 700 comments to sift through so the Top Six is cut short for the three stars.

EOTP Three Stars

  1. A bunch of people, but mainly Dr_Habs for creating this: Dqnbbld_medium
  2. Dr. Horrible with the obligatory reaction to the Bruin getting kicked out of first: 7h0bh3g_medium
  3. JD_ with an accurate representation of Markov's demeanor in the first period: Tumblr_mjxm8ia0lv1rrr1sso1_500_medium

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