Canadiens at Bruins - Top Six Minutes - Vengeance!

The Canadiens were outplayed overall by the Bruins tonight and won in Boston. The Bruins were outplayed by the Canadiens in Montreal and won. Them's the breaks.

  • If I never have to see the Habs play against the Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin line again, it will still be too soon. Marchand is a puke, but the line is just insanely good.
  • It took exactly one second after the Bruins took the lead in the second for the twitterverse to jump on the 'Habs are too small' narrative.
  • Brendan Gallagher, 5'9", two assists, best Hab forward on the ice tonight.
  • David Desharnais, 5'7", two goals, game winner, played great.
  • Brian Gionta, 5'7", on the ice making great defensive play after great defensive play to counter the Bruins' onslaught to end the game.
  • Francis Bouillon, 5'8", ...he was okay.
  • The point is, this is the laziest heap of horse manure out there, and it's seriously difficult to respect anyone who repeats this schlock.
  • Bill Simmons laughed at the Habs tonight for "losing all the fights". The Habs lost Brandon Prust and Alexei Emelin for 10 minutes, the Bruins lost Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic for 22 minutes. Who really lost?
  • After the game, Julien accused the Habs of embellishing, after Tyler Seguin laid on the ice for 9 years then didn't miss a shift.
  • Brad Marchand also accused P.K. Subban of running away from Nathan Horton, what I saw was Subban telling his teammates not to go after Horton when the game was getting crazy, after Horton shoved him into the net. Seemed like Subban held his head, and the team came back to win.
  • But that's the Bruins though. They go 14-2-2 and all they can do is whine and whine and whine. Goon it up, whine about other teams not biting. Whine some more. This is why everyone hates you.
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