Bruins vs Maple Leafs and Penguins vs Islanders - Game Thread

It's narrative in night in Boston as the Toronto Kessels take on the Boston Seguin/Hamiltons, and there's another great game on in Pittsburgh too.

Once in awhile the NHL gets it right, and staggering the two Eastern games tonight is one of those times.

In spite of the unbelievably overhyped Phil Kessel vs Tyler Seguin garbage being spewed by certain corners of the media who can't count, no matter what a team that we all dislike loses tonight.

On the other hand one team we dislike will win... Oh well.

Then there's the underdog Islanders who are all kinds of lovable taking on the Sidney Crosby-less Penguins, who kind of aren't.

Everyone seems to think that the Penguins, a sub 50% Fenwick team who road unsustainable percentages to a record they likely didn't deserve, are an insurmountable challenge for Long Island. I'm not so sure. And with Crosby out and Marc-Andre Fleury in, the Islanders have a chance.

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