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Brian Gionta to undergo surgery

We talk about luck a lot on this site, but usually we’re using that word to describe variance in outcomes over small samples. Sometimes it’s randomness, sometimes it’s just extreme effectiveness over short periods.

Rarely when we say luck do we actually mean luck in the colloquial sense. Today though, I can’t help but think how unlucky Montreal Canadiens captain Brian Gionta is.

Last season Gionta tore his right bicep, which caused enough nerve damage that doctors were worried he wouldn’t be playing this season. He made a miraculous recovery and played every regular season game.

Then in the first game of the playoffs, he was injured. He missed Game 2, played Game 3, then missed Game 4. Today the Canadiens announce that he’s done for the playoffs and will require surgery for a torn left bicep.

Same injury, the other arm. What are the chances?

Gionta’s recovery last time around, when injured midseason, had him just getting back to game shape around the time the season was supposed to start. It’s entirely possible that this tear is less severe than the last one, hell he played a game with it, but I’m not sure I would expect him back by training camp.

Gionta playing game three and actually being effective is another reminder of what a competitor he is. All the best to him in his recovery.

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