Brian Gionta rejoins the team in Winnipeg (and other links)

Your collection of links for Monday morning.

The Habs got some good news yesterday evening, as team captain Brian Gionta will be rejoining the club in Winnipeg to take on the Jets.

Gionta's return to the lineup likely means that one of Ryan White or Michael Bournival is out, though neither deserve to be scratched. That's the way it goes in a deep lineup, and on the bright side, we get to assume that Gionta's family emergency is working out.

Montreal Canadiens Links

Our own Olivier Bouchard wrote on about fancy stats, which is pretty damn cool when you think about how far these stats have come in terms of general acceptance.

Lars Eller broke a tooth during a game, and the cameras followed him into the dentist's to repair it, after which he hopped right back out to take a shift:

Christopher Boucher looks to his stat tracking to quantify the struggles of David Desharnais to start the season.

Matthew Macaskill is also trying to understand what's up with Desharnais.

Harrison Mooney wrote about the Habs' win over the Canucks on Saturday in the Vancouver Province.

Mike Obrand and I will be back on the air with Ears on the Prize episode 6 soon, but for now listen to the archive of episode 5:

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Around the NHL

The Anaheim Ducks were mighty once more last night, as they wore throwback jerseys to the Disney days and put an absolute shit kicking on the Senators. Don't believe me? Look at the Fenwick chart at Extra Skater for the game.

Speaking of the Senators, they've given up 50 or more shots in two straight games. Not exactly the play you expect from the team every journalist wanted to anoint kings of the East this year. It's almost as if they're a paper tiger that succeeded in last year's playoffs due to dumb luck? Well anyway, Mark Parisi isn't too happy with the situation.

Colin (SkinnyFish) from Pension Plan Puppets examines whether fighting actually deters dirty play.

You thought the Flyers named Craig Berube head coach? Dan Saraceni says you're wrong, it's Sly Stallone.

More from Eyes On The Prize:

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