Brendan Gallagher has his own McDonald's sandwich

How popular is Gallagher in Montreal? He's popular enough to get his very own meal combo and local McDonalds' fast food joints.

Brendan Gallagher may be struggling to fill the net this season, but he's managed to fill his pockets with advertising dollars due to his popularity in Montreal, with a new McDonald's sandwich available in Montreal called "the Gallagher".

With three burger patties on what looks like a mix between a hamburger and a hot dog bun, I'm guessing that Brendan won't be eating too many of those during the season, but good for him to get such a distinctive honour.

Fellow Hab Daniel Briere helped him out by speaking French in the commercial for it, as Gallagher's patented grin looks on.

I'm not a huge McDonald's, but I have to say that the next time I'm really hungry and in need of a quick fix, I'll probably be trying a Gallagher, because I'm a sucker for all things Habs.

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