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It's prediction season in the NHL blogosphere. Writers and commenters alike are focused on calling playoff series, handing out hypothetical NHL awards, and prognosticating on draft selections. It's a time of the year when fans will be insulted by "oversights" and embrace "obvious" endorsements. Words will be exchanged, money will change hands, and bookies will skip town; it's great fun for all involved! I'll try my best to bring you thoughtful Habs-oriented predictions throughout the postseason from a variety of sources on top of the regular news and analysis usually posted. Hopefully the Habs will go deep and their players' contributions will be recognized to make this a frequent feature for the coming weeks. Without further ado, here are you links for the day:

Habs News and Analysis
Postseason Predictions
  • Corey Sznajder over at Carolina Hurricanes blog Shutdown Line has posted an Eastern Conference Playoff Preview. For the Habs-Sens series, Sznajder notes that the Canadiens are "superior to Ottawa in every area except for goaltending." Montreal has better FenClose numbers, FenTied numbers, higher GF/60, and better PK SA/60 numbers. Meanwhile, Ottawa has higher PP SF/60 and a higher save percentage both at even strength and on the penalty kill. With the addition of Karlsson, Sznajder feels that the Sens chances improve, but overall predicts the Habs to win in seven.
  • The fine folks over at Arctic Ice Hockey also give their picks for the first round. Author TJ Maughan notes that the Senators averaged more shots per game on the season than the Habs did, all while missing their two best players for the bulk of the season. Since one of those players seems to be back in full form, Maughan likes the Sens. He also notes that Craig Anderson is very good. Overall, five editors pick the Sens to win while three pick the Habs. Every editor on Arctic Ice Hockey, save for one, predicts that the series will go six games or longer. It's gonna be a good one, Canada.
  • Scott Reynolds over at Copper and Blue gives his predictions for all eight first round series. He notes that the Habs are the better possession team, pointing to their Fenwick tied numbers on the season. Ottawa fans would likely rebut, noting that the Sens have been the third best team in the league since the trade deadline in score-adjusted Fenwick. Reynolds also notes that Craig Anderson and Carey Price differ by 0.1% in terms of EV save percentage over the last four seasons at 92.4% and 92.3% respectively. Overall, Reynolds picks the Habs to win in five.

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