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Intelligent, diligent, highly skilled, under-appreciated, essential, handsome, irreplaceable. These are the words that I've used to describe the recently injured Tomas Plekanec in my diary. He's the most important forward on the team and if he's out for an extended period of time, the Habs are simply not worth watching.

Alright, so maybe I'm being a tad melodramatic given the situation. Plekanec sustained a groin injury yesterday and has been classified as day-to-day by the Canadiens medical staff. He's doubtful for tonight's game against the Winnipeg Jets and questionable for Saturday's game at home to the Boston Bruins. According to the Globe and Mail's Sean Gordon, "coach Michel Therrien intimated it isn't a serious injury." No timetable or prognosis has been released, so we'll just have to take the wait-and-see approach. In the meantime, it looks as if we'll get a opportunity to examine the "David Desharnais is the Habs' number one centre" hypothesis in greater detail. For Desharnais lovers and haters alike, the next few games should be interesting.

Speaking of bad segues interesting things, here are some fantastic links from around the hockey world. I hope you enjoy.

Habs News and Analysis

Know Your Enemy: Winnipeg Jets Edition

General News and Analysis

  • Graeme Nichols over at the 6th Sens gives his thoughts on the Cory Conacher-Ben Bishop trade. Nichols notes that the trade may not be as massive a win for the Senators as most fans seem to think. Conacher has put up mediocre possession numbers despite spending 40% of his EV time with Steven Stamkos. He notes that Bryan Murray still sold high on Bishop though, after rejecting a Ryan Jones centered deal from Edmonton and being unable to secure Sean Couturier from Philadelphia.
  • John Fontana over at Raw Charge is "personally devastated" over the Conacher trade.
  • The Oilers' acquisition of fourth liner Jerred Smithson has lead to hilarity, both intentional and otherwise. On the unintentional comedy side, Steve Tambellini cites playoff faceoff percentage as one of the measures used to evaluate Smithson's fit with the Oilers. If anyone in the audience can come up with a more ridiculous or useless player evaluation metric, I'm all ears. On the intentional comedy side, Benjamin Massey calls Smithson a "Trash Bag of Moldy Hamburgers" in his breakdown of the deal.
  • Ellen Etchingham lends her pen to the mandatory visor debate. Etchingham's prose is so meticulously crafted, I find that it's best to let her speak for herself. Here's a quotation from the article:
  • "By all means, hector, cajole, nag, caution, and warn every hockey player you see to wear a visor. Present all the evidence. Make all the safety arguments in the strongest possible terms. But don't prioritize men's eyes over their viewpoints, nor their brains over their thoughts."

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