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A contributing member of Habs Eyes on the Prize since 2014, Stephen started out writing game threads. In the summer of 2015 the first episode of his webcomic "A Hockey City" was premiered, and has run every Sunday morning during the regular season ever since. A novelist at heart, Stephen’s writing ranges from coverage of the Montreal Canadiens to science fiction with a novel "The Swiss Orange Project" currently in the works and to be completed in 2017.


The General Manager likes to believe in an ideal world. Do you?

A Hockey City: The Hockey Sweater

Road to the Centennial

It took a hundred years to get here....

A Hockey City: Be Yourself

There’s only one of you in the world, and the only one there will ever be.

AHC: Inner Spirit

Still searching with very nowhere to look for answers? Look inside...

AHC: Pressure Point

How is it that there is so much pressure this early in the season?

Without An Answer

A day after being called out by their General Manager, the Canadiens fall 4-0 to the Kings.

A Hockey City: Being better for each other

Nobody’s worth anything unless they make the people around them better.

Special teams the difference

The Habs failed on special teams and lost their fifth in a row.

A Hockey City: Propositions

The most optimistic Habs webcomic on the Internet!