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Contributing author and European Correspondent for Habs Eyes on the Prize since August 2015, the largest non-affiliated online publication that covers the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League, a member of the SB Nation network. Patrik’s work covers a wide range of Montreal Canadiens related topics, but focuses mostly on the European prospects and the international coverage form both a Montreal Canadiens point of view but also the more international aspects of the game of ice hockey. Host of the PuckDrop Podcast.

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 2 — How important is being NHL-ready for first overall pick?

As we continue to discuss the upcoming draft, we ponder how much weight being able to make an impact next season should carry.

Montreal Canadiens sign Chris Wideman to a two-year extension

The veteran defender will be under contract until 2024.

Habsent Minded 4.62: Part 1 — Is Shane the Wright answer?

We break down the pros and cons of making Shane Wright the choice at first overall.

Draft profile: Marco Kasper’s low production shouldn’t be a concern

He didn’t feature regularly on the scoresheet, but he was a key part of his teams’ success in 2021-22.

Habsent Minded: Grading the Canadiens goaltending and NCAA prospects

Our look at the Habs prospects continues.

Habsent Minded 4.59: Breaking down the Habs forwards

The final part of the season review series looks at Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, and the rest of the forward group.

Habsent Minded: Breaking down the Canadiens defence

After the goaltenders, we move to looking at the defence.

Habsent Minded: Breaking down the Canadiens goalies

A look back at the Habs goalies last season.

Habsent Minded: Grading the CHL prospects

We discuss the Canadiens prospects in the CHL this past season.

Habsent Minded 4.52: European prospect season grades