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Andrei Markov’s best highlights from his time with the Montreal Canadiens

Andrei Markov’s constant presence on the Montreal Canadiens’ back end will be missed. But the long-standing Habs stalwart, who was fondly known as The General, has left fans with some great memories over the seasons.

From making remarkable comebacks from injury to becoming one of the highest scoring defencemen is Canadiens history, take a look at some of Markov’s most memorable moments with the bleu, blanc, et rouge.

1. Markov’s first NHL point came in typical Markovian fashion: by setting up his teammate.

2. Of course his first playoff point would come against the hated Boston Bruins.

3. And scoring wasn’t the only thing Markov was capable of.

4. Speaking of haunting divisional rivals, remember when he did this?

5. A five-point showing gave the Russian defenceman another Habs record.

6. But that wasn’t even his best showing in a game.

7. Even injuries couldn’t hold him back …

8. … from accomplishing milestones like this.

9. Markov’s power-play prowess was unmatched.

10. And who could forget his underrated sense of humour?

Best wishes to The General in the KHL, and here’s to hoping that Andrei Markov will join the Montreal Canadiens in some capacity in the near future!

And if I missed your favourite Markov moment, please share it in the comments.

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